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Default Re: Lakers should ask for Royce White instead of Scola in Houston Trade

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
we dont know for sure if barnes/ebanks are coming back....with barnes...I am ready to move on...2 playoffs...both hurt...just no luck i guess.

ebanks might get a better deal and role from some other team. He is not going to come back if we have both MWP/barnes back

Also we have heard lakers trying to trade lets not be so sure that he will be here at the start of the season

better to have a asset and let him learn his rookie season

The truth is that you are naming guys who haven't been rumored, we don't know if they are available in trade or even if we would be interested.
The deal I'm talking about has been on the table for over 8 months.
I appreciate the thought process but it's really gotten to the point of a huge much discussion about nothing.
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