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Default Re: Deron Williams resigns with the Nets for 5 years 100 million dollars

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93

Nets also just traded for Reggie Evans, agreed with teletonovic(sp?) for the MLE. and have rookie PG Tyshawn Taylor.
i also read... i think it was on ND... that they're gonna try to bring hump back as well. and since farmar was bought out after the trade, maybe they can bring him back too. he turned out to be a great backup / occasional starter, and i hate to lose him.

d-will - JJ - wallace - hump -lopez

that's a nice starting lineup. just a bit light on 'd'. AJ has got to find a way to get some defense from these guys. maybe take a page from carlisle's zone in dallas?

anyway, i'm so relieved that d-will decided to re-sign, and so happy that so many national writers were proven wrong. i got sick and tired of how many of those suckers kept writing those "d-will is certainly leaving the nets" articles the past year.
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