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Default Re: Lakers want Nash

Originally Posted by talkingconch
Yet another trade that won't happen.

Im hearing talks of beasley to the suns as well.

at this point its tough to say the lakers will be competitive next year.
They would have to get Howard and flip Gasol for depth

as long as kobe is playing for the lakers...they will be matter what

even if they keep their 3 main guys..kobe/pau/bynum all they need is pretty good bench players....right now the market is after marquee players....role players will be next so patience my friend

they can still get
Rashard lewis/jamison
nick young/brandon rush
m pietrus to back kobe up

Lakers have 2 targets beasley & Rush....their teams are interested in J that gives the lakers to S&T and keep the Mini MLE intact...

so with what we need we will have options....

to HIT a home run like Howard/Nash or whoever...that might be difficult.....
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