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I think we should make a play for tyreke Evans. Last year of his deal, see how he does in a new environment. Offer an extension if he starts playing well. We have a glutton of marginal SG/SF's and if I'm not mistaken, a trade exception from barbosa's deal. Hell, maybe they'd take Jose. Tyreke seems like his confidence is rattled, but the talent is there. If he can regain his rookie season form and improve with he raps, maybe he decides to resign. I don't even know what to say at this point. Look for a bunch of trades to be rumored now. And ilyasova was reportedly offered 5 yrs 40M. That's a fair contact. If the raps are to contend, they'd overpay. I say leave him be. Only route I see is through trades for any significant talent. Thank god for Val and even Ross this season. Really looking forward to that, regardless of what's around them.
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