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Originally Posted by el gringos
Shumperts highest ceiling is at pg

unless the miracle trade of lin and amare for bargnani and calderon could happen- the knicks need a real pg and it would be even better if they were the type to be able to mentor shumpert into a pg

Bring back Billups as the starter and get Randy Foye as a backup

Is it really not possible to get Billups, Foye, and Nenad Krstic?

I would have agreed with you earlier in the year about Iman but we already started him at SG. He hasn't been working on becoming a pg and he won't have this offseason. It's pretty much a wrap now. As for this Bargnani/ Calderon business, it's not exactly working out so great for Toronto so no thanks. Bargnani is ok but I'm not willing to say he's better than Amare and Calderon is ok but he's also 31.

If he goes ahead and matches a contract that would hypothetically pay Jeremy Lin $10-15 Million per year in the final 2 years, he's going to pretty much seal our fate. That is ridiculous money for a guy who has 1 1/2 months worth of a resume.

Houston offered Lin 30 mil according to reports. That's a steep ass price!

Im glad we didn't make that deal.

Now, we need to let Lin walk with that terrible backloaded contract the Rockets offered. Would much rather flip Lin for Kyle Lowry.

MANNNNNN this would make my day. S&T baby! Shumpert and Lowry in the backcourt. That defense would be something FIERCE!

The Knicks are going to pray they can get Randy Foye, Jason Kidd, or Raymond Felton.

I'll take Foye or Felton. No thank you on Kidd. It'll be liek Mike Bibby all over again. He's on the verge of re-signing with Dalllas. I hope they get it done so they can spare us from ourselves.

I got this terrible feeling that we're about to see Toronto give him an even more ridiculous Offer Sheet tomorrow.

O you know it's coming lol I'm not 100% sure about Rookie trading rules but is it possible we could sign & trade Lin and Fields for Bayless and Toronto's rookie Terrence Ross? I mean essentially, they aren't needed anyway. Lin would clearly be the started and I doubt Landry would be coming off the bench after paying him all that money. That would be PERFECT for us. Terrence Ross is a problem!
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