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Default Re: TOP 10 Knicks games from the 2011-12 season

1.)Knicks vs Bulls April 4th - Melo hit the shot to send it to overtime and to win the game. I remember me and my 2 yr old jumping up and down in the living room. I don't she even knew what was going on. All she knew was daddy went from being sad to being really happy and it was time to scream and jump lol We hugged for about 10 minutes and yelled at the TV together

2.)Knicks @ Wizards Feb 8th- The asian fans ere going crazy. Wall n Lin were going at it. Melo hit yet another game winner. But most importantly, I was there. It was a remarkable environment. It was literally like going to a home game.

3.)Knicks vs Celtics April 17th - Me and my best friend were on the phone saying "this sh*t is like Game Genie. They have a cheat code or something. The Knicks were just raining threes. I liked it also because Melo showed his leadership in the end when it was crunchtime by telling Novak to chill w/ the celebration and let's go get this win! He also had a huge triple double

4.)Knicks vs Lakers February 10th- I wasn't as swept up by Linsanity as most, but this game brought a smile to my face. I can't stand Derek Fisher! He tried to bully Lin all game and Lin was just busting his @$$. I wanted Lin so badly to look at him and say "man sit yo old ass down somewhere."

5.)Knicks vs Blazers March 14th- We blew those boys clean OUT. Plus it marked the beginning of a Mike D'Antoni free era. I could almost hear a huge, collective sigh of relief by my fellow Knicks fans all the way in Maryland.

6.)Knicks vs Celtics Xmas day- Both of our stars came out swinging. Iman showed some early promise and even Toney Douglas dropped 19 lol Rondo killed him and Shump got hurt but overall, it was a gr8 game to watch on Christmas.

7.)Knicks vs Miami April 15th- We lost but Melo went off on them. I just remember Melo killing them and LeBron not wanting to guard him no matter what lol (much liek the playoffs). They got the win but I think it was a statement game for us to show fans we had a guy who could compete with LeBron's punk ass.

8.)Knicks vs Heat May 6th- This was bittersweet because I knew it was just one game but hey, we got a playoff win against a team that won a ring and we were riddled by injury. Melo went off on the Heat again and once again LeBron wanted no parts of him.

9.)Knicks @ Bucks April 11th- watched this on a messed up stream. This was a big game for us. We eeked it out.

10 a. + b.) Knicks vs Pacers March 16 & 17- Shut those punks up lol! Seriously though,usually only mentally tough teams when both games back to back liek this. This showed a lot of maturity and toughness within our team.
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