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Default Re: Beasley to Phoenix 3yr/18mil

Originally Posted by Pablooo5
Great deal by Phoenix! I hope that by the end of the offseason they will have a such rotation:
PG - Dragic/Marshall
SG - Roy/Redd
SF - Beasley
PF - Morris/Frye
C - Gortat/Oden?
I'm also glad that Dragic joined Suns again.He and Kendall Marshall (who is considered to be next Steve Nash {more or less} ) will set this team and lead the rebuliding.As the Suns have the best medical stuff in the whole NBA,it's the perfect fit for Brandon Roy.It's told that Eric Gordon'd came,but I'd be much happy to see Brandon there,one of my fav players.Come on Suns! Send him that offer sheet!
Oden? The same reason^.

marshall is an excellent passer, but not on steve's level, and hes not even close to the shooter that nash is
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