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Default Re: Thabeet to OKC

Originally Posted by TexasBloodMoney

Why are thunder fans acting like Thabeet is going to do anything but sit on the bench? He's garbage.

JUST because he's 7'3 doesn't "Add length". I mean, I hope he does well but he hasn't shown anything that would warrant him being a role player in this league.

LMAO and did someone seriously make some African connection with Ibaka/Thabeet?
In his first year he averaged 9.9 rebounds and 3.6 blocks per 36 minutes and shot 58% (albeit on only 8.5 points per 36 and 6.6 fouls per 36).

He certainly (and clearly even at the time) should not have been picked where he was, has shown (albeit not too recently) that he could be a servicable backup.

If it is indeed at or near the minimum then theres no risk and a potentially solid reward.

I do wonder if he picked the right team though, or if this is bad news for Cole Aldrich because there won't be enough minutes to develop them both, unless this is insurance for amnestying Perk somewhere down the line.
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