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Default Re: Thabeet to OKC

Originally Posted by TexasBloodMoney

Why are thunder fans acting like Thabeet is going to do anything but sit on the bench? He's garbage.

JUST because he's 7'3 doesn't "Add length". I mean, I hope he does well but he hasn't shown anything that would warrant him being a role player in this league.

LMAO and did someone seriously make some African connection with Ibaka/Thabeet?

Could you please quote all the posts from Thunder fans saying they expect good thins from Thabeet next year and think he'll be a contributor?

Seriously, what Thunder fans are saying this? We all know what we signed him for, and that's to be our 3rd string center for less than $1MM a year, which is going to be cheaper than last year's 3rd string center.

I guess this is what turning into a contender does? You sign a 3rd string center and 11th or 12th man, and not only does a thread get made about it, but it gets a sticky.
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