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Yall fall for this dumb sh*t every year. Then we're back at square one. We just gave a 39 yr old a 3 yr deal.

Every argument you have for kid has to do with what he USED to do. Same with Bibby. Bottom line is, he avg 6 points and 5 apg. He cant get to the line and he's washed up. Now different than ppl saying "Bibby cant hit 3s" when we got him. No, he USED to hit 3s.

If you wanted to mentor a young pg, you shouldhave hired Mark Jackson as head coach when you had the chance! We tythe same sh*t every damn year and it doesn't work!

You cannot tell me Kidd is better than Felton, Sessions or any other guard I mentioned at this point in his career. He's DONE! Who gives a 39 year old a 3 yr deal. Not for the minimum either. Now, we have ZERO funds. Who's our sg to start the season? News Flash. Teams are loading up to contend. This does NOT make us any closer to a ring.
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