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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
I wasn't a HUGE fan of Oblivion ... so I'm still waiting for an even more price drop before I get Skyrim. LJJ, which do you think is better Oblivion or Skyrim?

Skyrim is essentially a refined version of Oblivion. It's the same shell, but they looked at the main shortcomings of Oblivion and tried to work at those (with mixed success).

For instance there is the combat. There was a real problem in Oblivion that the fighting felt very delicate and unwieldy. And although the fighting hasn't really changed, they've added the occasional kill animation; they've made the skills play into it a bit more; the shouting mechanic adds some variety. All those minor improvements do make the fighting more gratifying.

Same idea with the main quest and overall world. In Oblivion the main quest felt like a massive chore to finish. The Oblivion plains were excruciatingly boring to work through. In Skyrim however the main quests involves dragons, civil war, better locations, player choice, interesting factions and more variety. It's not great, but at least it isn't bad.

So there are a lot of understated improvements. But Skyrim is also very much the same game as Oblivion, it's not revolutionary.

I'm personally never worried about spending the money on an Elder Scrolls game though. They always give you a lot of value for your money. Even I feel like I got my 80 bucks worth of game, despite being saturated with the game long before seeing the majority of the content. I still enjoyed Fallout 3 better though.
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