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Default Re: Higgs Boson Particle

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Yeah, pretty much just validated the standard model of physics as the higgs boson was the one missing link. A lot of physicists think this is just the beginning of 'new physics'. With the 'god particle' out the way and us knowing why matter exists, they want to now figure out why anti-matter and dark matter/dark energy exists (matter only makes up 4% of the universe). This could lead to the discovery of alternate dimensions

Should be a very interesting time for physicists going forward from the discovery of the god particle.

This is just me being dumb but when I read about the alternate dimensions, I think of the SciFi type things(tv/books/xmen new class cartoon) where they open up a dimensional portal, walk 10 feet come out of a dimensional portal and then they are across the continent.

If we can avoid a global war or survive it our future looks really awesome.
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