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Originally Posted by Scoooter
He isn't good enough for that trade to make sense.
Hes better than Lin in my opinion. If not better, just as good. Hes cheaper n hes a better defender also. Makes a lot of sense to me. You give up a guy with a crazy backloaded contract n instead of losing him for nothing, you get a tough young pg with a reasonable salary.

Beats the hell out of giving you MLE to a player who will be 42 when his contract is over. Lemme guess. You guys want Jeffries back too huh? Knicks bench should be called man-opause. We have become the assisted living for the NBA.

So tired of the mentor excuse. This isnt big brother big sister. This isnt Boys n Girls club. Did Fisher mentor Westbrook? Did Battier mentor Lebron? No. Those guys leached onto a contender fora ride to the Finals.
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