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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
I still think the original Bioshock has been the best gaming experience I've had in this "next-gen" era. I'm still working on Bioshock 2, and it's nothing compared to the original (at least IMO anyway).

GOBB, I know you were really into GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption... would you say Bioshock was a better game/experience than those two? I'm just now getting into GTAIV ... and it's not as fun as the previous releases on the PS2.

Yeah I'd go as far as to say Bioshock was a better gaming experience than GTA4 and RDR. And I'm a big fan of Rockstar/those games. I played Bioshock late. Amazing experience for me. Each level, the different envioments, characters, story. Exploration and ability to go back to previous levels (something I didnt like Bioshock 2 not allowing). Mind blowing game for me. I didnt expect me to like it when I borrowed it.
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