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Default Re: jason kidd a knick

Originally Posted by Rameek
did the knicks have any other options?

i cant see anyone complaining too much because everyone seems to be ok with the Knicks buying a roster this is that reality.
So because we spent money on two allstars, I cant complain about us giving our MLE n a three yr contract to a 39 yr old? Newsflash. Melo avg 22 ppg in an off year. Kidd gets 6 ppg n theres nothing to make us think it will b any better here.

We will have 40 mil tied up in pgs next year if we match Lins offer n Im still not sure we have a solid pg longterm.

On a team with an incredibly weak backcourt, we spent our limited assets on a 39 yr old pg who doesnt make us any closer to being contenders.
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