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Default Re: jason kidd a knick

Originally Posted by franchize
The backloaded deal is Lins. Nevermind. I give up. Your arguments for liking this move have nothing to do with actual on the court production. Im disgusted by the organization right now. Im also disgusted by the forthcoming Mike Breen commentary that will annoy the hell out of me every game about how great the leadership is regardless of Kidds play.

All I can say is I hope its true that this may become a sign n trade with Dallas. At least we could possibly ditch Douglas.
Hey I'm disgusted that LeBron teamed up with another top 5 player, and that's shit won't be fair for the next 3-4 years.

It is what it is.

The team is signing Lin, might as well give him all the mentoring he needs.

He won't get that from Felton or Telfair.
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