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Default Re: Nash to the Lakers is Official

Originally Posted by BØBØ
No, use your head. That would be a form of collusion against a player and if were to actually happen only two people would know and they wouldn't be telling people about it after the fact. If the NBPA found out they'd be calling for heads on platters.

Teams are not allowed to do anything that restricts or steers a free agents ability to negotiate the fairest price. By the Lakers secretly taking themselves out of the running that would give an advantage in negotiations to the Suns knowing they can play hard ball with Beasley's agent knowing there are actually no competitive bidding.

People just talking out their asses, making up stories.

I read that it wasnt part of the deal, per se. HOWEVER, Suns were unwilling to deal nash to a rival. That changed when nash went to mngmt and said he wanted to go to a winner and near phx to have a relationship with his kids. Suns then agreed they'd deal nash to us and then asked us to not go after Beas.
Out of respect, lakers complied.

Lakers org. Didn't have to, but It would have looked bad and ruined bridges ad future trade possibilities could have been affected.

Something like this can't be punished. I can't see how any1 can create a "rule" that would be broken.

I'm buying it.
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