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Default Re: General Offseason / Free Agency Discussion

Notable RFA/UFA's, also players I'd to see in the Suns System/ Uni

Steve Novak - older player but deadly 3 pt shooter, given the time and the system, he could once again be deadly.

Jason Thompson - does all the little things, not quite fast enough for a 4, not big enough for a 5, but will play either when called upon in spot duty.

Terrence Williams - defender, rebounder, can get his own shot, just one of those players where all you can say is "right system, right result"

JJ Hickson - whats there to say, good finisher, decent rebounder, needs playing time.

JR Smith - imo def cancerous to a team but with right veteran presence and consistent minutes, there's no denying talent is there

Ersan Ilyasova - can rebound, knock down 3's at decent clip, double double machine.

Anyone else besides the obvious?
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