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Default Re: Point Guard?!?!

The bottom line is........ until you admit that having two of the top 5 highest paid players in the game is a mistake, there is no use crying about who they fill the roster with.

And one of them is totally useless.

The other teams that acquire marquee players....have marquee players.

Let's be real about it... Nash didn't come because Nash didn't like the roster, and he surely wouldn't have enjoyed watching our only wing defender being traded for him.

Kobe at this stage is still better than Melo

Pau is light years better than Amare

Bynum is better than Tyson.

Too easy of a choice, plus they only gave up draft picks, which if they win it all, who really cares?

The Lakers always get the best because they will.....pull the trigger.

They had Chris Paul because they were willing to drop off Pau, the league killed a done deal.

The Knicks need to get on the phone and get Dwight, plain and simple, and anyone should be available for such including Melo.

If you're a fan of the team, then it shouldn't matter.

If the team is gonna pay top 5 player money to two guys, and they don't play like such, then a fire needs to be lit up under them, and putting them on the trade block will light that fire.

The bottom line is it doesn't make sense to continue to whine about what the team is doing if you won't address the root.

Using Miami is the worst example ever.

Miami has the best player in the game, and a top 5 player, and those guys helped their team by taking less money to sign those guys that you guys want.

Plus they have a line of drafted players in compliment.....

Wade, Cole, Chalmers, Pittman, and Haslem....1/3 of their roster.

I have absolutely no issue trading anyone on this team to put it in better position to win it all, but unfortunately that can't happen in New York.
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