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Originally Posted by $LakerGold
Is it still possible? Do we still have the MLE?

Him backing up Bynum... Imagine the difference it would make for our bench. You have a veteran center, helping Bynum out and everything.

And it would be more great if we get Dwight. But once we get Dwight, will it take more space?

I know that when you trade, you don't really have to match the numbers.. you can probably exceed 500k-800k more than we can receive from them. So when that happens, your MLE's limit reduces to what it really is. (ex., 5m reduced to 4m)

What i'm tryna say is, If the Dwight trade happens... will we still be able to sign Camby (MLE)?

Nooooooooo, What......are you determined to make us the oldest team in the league.......or trying to gather the entire 1996 draft on this team maybe Iverson, Starbury, Dampier, Jermaine O'Neal........even the Spurs would say "Damn you're freakin old!!!"

Nah......I do not want Camby, I picture a repeat of Theo Ratliff
We can't be that desperate.
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