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Originally Posted by franchize
Theres only one LeBron James. We cant get him. Theres only one KD. We cant get him. I feel we have the next best thing, so no, I dont see a problem with paying Melo accordingly. I also dont feel Paul is light years ahead of Amare. N once again, I was NEVER on board for the Chandler acquisition. Either way, Grunwald acquired him, so how is he exempt from blame? N is thats how you handle adversity? Youre ok with our GM, who gets paid handsomely Im sure, just saying F it...sign whoever? N I gave you options. So it was more than possible. There are still guys out there. Funny you complain about money but none of the things we are doing are cost effective. Kidd is about to be overpaid, so obviously, we had money somewhere.
The things is, I'm not complaining at all.

I'm content with the team, and the pieces they are adding, but I do want them to attempt to make that bold move that all other champions do.

But I will not be content if we flop again.

It's a damn shame that a top 2-3 SF, Top 5 PF, and a DPOY can't win more than one playoff game, and had to rely on an unknown in Lin and A rookie to help them win games, and get there in the first place.

The Knicks are a scared franchise, why, I have no idea.

They never make, or even attempt to make that "next step" move.

They need to make it known they have interest in Dwight Howard, because if he goes to the Nets, they will be better.

Even the Nets of all teams made a bold move by trading for Deron who opted out, and he is on record saying he would have left if they didn't trade for Joe Johnson, another bold move.

The goal should be championships, not first round flops.
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