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Default Re: Nash to the Lakers is Official

Well 4-5 days late and now I can finally comment on this.

A healthy Nash will definitely turn this team around. Like my colleague DK says, it will definitely teach MB.

The diversity is endless on what this team can now do.

1) Nash pick n rolls
2) Kobe pick n rolls
3) Pau posting up with the ball while others move around
4) Kobe drawing doubles which would not be wise for the other teams.

Its going to be perfect if Nash and Kobe can agree to get equal opportunities to run the team. Throw in Mike Brown defense and everything will fall into place.

With a point guard like Nash, maybe Ron will get better opportunities and improve even more. The situation is nothing but good.

We now still have the bench problem we need to solve. Adding Grant Hill would be a good decision. He still plays like he's young. Steve Blake I don't mind so much being our bench PG if we can get a couple of more guys.

Lakers basketball is back to being talked about by everywhere in the league.
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