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Default Re: Congrats Lakers' fans!!

Originally Posted by mr sax
Hey Guys, please help me out here. I know that Nash is a good point guard even though I believe he is past his prime but I didn't think the Lakers had a scoring problem. Would be great if the Lakers could get some serious defensive minded players.

Oh yea, and a decent bench.

The Lakers offense often grew stagnant and the ball didnt rotate enough. Kobe kind of took on more than he should have and forced things he shouldnt have last season. Nash creates space for the bigs to operate, and takes pressure off of Kobe. He will get our guys a lot more easy looks and helps in shooting, a huge problem last season.

Yes, we need some perimeter defenders. Lakers D wasn't actually all that bad but they have issues defending elite perimeter guys. I agree, it would be nice to have some defensive minded guys and a better bench. But Nash helps in a major way
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