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Default Re: Mitch - Let's get Sonny Weems to our summer league team

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Not trying to rain on your parade....but there are a ton of guys who are better for the same money......and as of now we have Metta, Barnes and Ebanks at the 3........not to mention it is likely we get Grant no scrub is going to get minutes, you saw what happened with Ebanks last you honestly think there is a chance in hell that Weems could make this team or get any minutes at all
So, my point is that lets look at 3's who could actually get on the court.....not possible 15th man guy bench warmers who nobody wants.

He's only 6'6". I'm pretty sure he primarily played SG and DeRozen was playing SF at that time. I wouldn't expect him to play SF.
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