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Default Re: The waiting game - Jose Calderons deal

Todays news - the 76ers make another move.

"All they need now is to sign a back up PG" for Jrue H"

I think I know a good one with an expirng contract.

The more the rumors are refuted the more I think there is fire near the smoke.

I thing Dre - Iggy is coming to TO

Dre is something like $15 M for 2 more years. $10.4 Million of that is Jose Calderon. Since I guess we are "at the cap" and unwilling to pay a tax you gotta throw Kleiza in on the deal to match up very closely.

So you end up with something like

Lowry / Uzoh (or other D league player)
Derozan / Ross / JJohnson (rotation for mismatches)
Iggy / Fields / JJohnson
Bargnani / Ed Davis/ Amir
Val / Gray / Amir

Still a little weak at PG by loosing Bayliss but there are others we could offer a MLE out there...

Looks like Jonny Flynn wont be signed by Portland so perhaps you give Flynn the nod at back up.

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