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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Well here's my take.

The Knicks have messed up the 2010 free agency.
Now they find themselves with two superstars around whom - as a duo - it is very difficult to put together a winning team.
We overpaid Amar'e, who is now fairly untradeable.
That is the biggest problem.
We could have built an awesome team around Melo, with Amare's salary space.
Instead, now we are kind of stuck in the middle.

2) (as a consequence)
The Knicks don't have time to "build". We cannot indulge in a young team hoping they become good role players.
Our stars are in their prime.
Melo is 28 and in his prime. Amar'e seems to have lost a step already. Tyson is even older.
The timeframe in which we should win is very thin. And young players won't bring us a title, if their name isn't Kyrie Irving or Anthony Davis and a few others, which is not the case.
In this sense I agree with the type of moves that have been done. Kidd, JR Smith are people who can contribute now. We are still some moves away though.
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