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Default Re: Derrick williams

I would still like to see us take a chance on Williams at SF/PF and move anyone of JJ, Kleiza, or Davis along with Jose with Lidnour included in the deal. He would be good insurance if Bargs gets injured again, and still has potential to grow with the youth we currently have.

Projected rotation:
Lowry / Lidnour
Demar / Ross
Fields / Williams / Kleiza or JJ
Bargnani / Williams / Acy / Davis if not part of the deal
Val / Amir / Gray

If I was coaching, my starting 5 would be:

Lowry ( capable defender)
Ross (spreads the floor, has shown ability at the college level to defend, and is long)
Williams (Might get exposed on D, but with Casey's system paired with capable defenders at the PG and SG, might be able to be masked. He can also rebound well)
Bargnani (can't overlook his offensive production)
Val (Active help defender while in Europe, quick latteral movement for a C, can run P&R with Lowry)

I think it'd be a good move, but to have Fields come off the bench for 3yrs / 20M is painful.
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