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Default Re: Derrick williams

Originally Posted by clipse
Projected rotation:
Lowry / Lidnour
Demar / Ross
Fields / Williams / Kleiza or JJ
Bargnani / Williams / Acy / Davis if not part of the deal
Val / Amir / Gray

Not bad very young upside.

If such a transaction would come to light I image 2 things. 1 they want Ed Davis because he was an 8th overall and is closer in "pecking order" to Williams. 2 Acy is going to D league - I dont think he makes the roster.

Lowry / Lidnor
Demar / Ross / Johnson (rotates for mismatches)
Fields/ Kleiza / Johnson / Williams (rotates for mismatches)
Bargnani / Williams / Amir
Val / Gray

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