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Default Re: Derrick williams

Originally Posted by clipse
Were they looking to save for this year? I thought they wanted expirerers for end of this upcoming season. If it is for this year, we should use our trade exception (not sure if it expired though). We dropped Bayless and Weems' offers, so I would like to think BC isn't done with the roster. I could be wrong though.

NBA trade machine accepts our trade exception for Lidnour and Williams straight up, no players going to minny.

I thought it was for this year because they had to create space for their offer to Batum, the Roy signing and that Russian dude they just signed. I could be wrong though because I don't know all the details. That was just my assumption.

The only way i guess for that to work is if they used their amnesty on Calderon or like you said it would be a deal for the TE. If we did that for the TE though we'd have to amnesty Calderon because otherwise it would put us over the cap I think.
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