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Default Re: Mitch - Let's get Sonny Weems to our summer league team

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Lets go back in time, way back to........last, we had a suspended Metta, an injured Barnes who couldn't play and then Ebanks injured himself and could have been out.......the reality is that sh!t happens even if you are 3 deep at one spot....why put yourself in a position to fail just for indifference on who is at the end of your bench....if you are paying a player...even at a very minimum, get someone who can do SOMETHING identifiable that may it shooting, defense, rebounding......something........I don't see anything in Weems.

I don't see anything in the person who's 4th on the depth chart of any team. That's where you need to start changing up your lineup and playing people out of position.
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