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Default Re: Lakers now leading in Howard talks

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
But it's not like DH12 is a bigger Diva than Drew or Kobe or some other Lakers of the past.

i am very relaxt about him. if the Lakers get him very good. he would be great with Nash at the point and would help defending the PnR. if not, our team is ok for the beginning of 2012/13 and should be better on offense with Nash. and there is still a whole season to make some twists.

Yes he is.......Diva Boy has managed to string along several teams for 2 years now, players have been cut/traded/given away to clear cap room, one moment he demands a trade, then he wants to stay in Orlando, he makes a list of teams he'll go to then changes his mind, then the whole crap about not signing an extension......this has been by far the biggest fiasco in NBA history and for the longest time.

I am fine whether he comes or not.....we really don't need him that bad, at least Bynum can make free throws. (And 3's )
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