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Default Re: Mitch - Let's get Sonny Weems to our summer league team

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Are you saying that no player at the bottom of the bench has any ability???
Let's take Goudelock for example, he can hit shots with great range.......and will only get better. I'm not a Morris guy but he's not too bad from the little I've seen of him in the NBA. Arenas, Nash and Dirk were once at the end of the bench to name a few.
Maybe I misunderstand what you are saying

No, that's not what I'm saying. I already mentioned Goudelock & Morris. I'm just saying typically with teams that are stacked at the top (like LA) aren't very good at the bottom. Look at who will be at the bottom this year..... it'll be someone like Sacre who won't make it in the NBA for sure. I like Morris & Goudelock and have said it before, but we all know at least one of those guys isn't going to make it in the NBA. They'll end up playing overseas or in the D-League. Sure Nash & Dirk were at the end of a bench but they were also first round picks with guaranteed contracts. Dirk was a lottery pick. You know they had to at least get a chance. Most of the guys at the end of a bench are just to fill out a roster, and teams hope their games will grow through practice. Just saying, I don't get overly exicted about 2nd rounders and guys who sit at the end of a bench. There's exceptions. I like some of the young teams who have a ton of depth top to bottom because they've been drafting high for a few years. A team like Utah is a good example. Anyone of those guys could emerge as a very good player. Of course, they haven't heavily invested in their starting 5, have been building through the draft (whether they traded for the pick or not), and aren't a contender. See the difference.
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