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Default Re: Summer League Thoughts

Daye had a very good game again. 18 pts, and shot the ball very well. It kind of feels like last summer league doesn't it? Daye was lights out last summer league and even in the preseason. Maybe this time he can actually keep this going into the regular season. The guy has always kind of reminded me of a poor man's Durant, if and when he actually plays up to his ability. He's a smooth scorer when his confidence is up. I really think this is a make or break season for him.

Brandon Knight hasn't been all that impressive thus far. He needs to shoot the ball better. I'd actually like to see him make everyone around him better. He doesn't need to take 17 shots. He should have been feeding everyone else the ball. That kinda scares me. The kid oozes potential and yet his summer league has been mediocre in my opinion. I was really hoping he would've expanded his game this offseason.
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