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We do need to get on the bench.

Many players I thought could have helped are now signed.

Unfortunately, it looks like Blake will be our backup PG, I was hoping we could dump him and get Hinrich for his defense. Plus Hinrich would cost less. Or even keep Sessions to run with the 2nd unit if we were able to shed Blakes deal. (I think we could justify spending money on Sessions had we been able to move Blake's salary).

Has anyone heard on Jordan Hill?
He tweeted a few days ago that he had made his decision but never indicated what it was. I hope we are able to keep him, I like him as our 3rd big.

Ebanks is back which I was happy to see, I could see him developing into Ariza 2.0 hopefully.

The problem I see with Blake, Ebanks and Hill are that that they are not really scorers.

We definitely need someone who can come in and score, probably a wing.
Mayo and Courtney Lee are still out there.
We may be able to use Sessions in a S&T to get one of them, as their asking price will be above the MMLE (which we also still have).

The ideal scenario would be to get Lee in a S&T as part of a Howard deal and move Blake out in the deal, then resign Sessiions ourselves., giving us a backup backcourt of Sessions and Lee, both of whom can score, but this is highly unlikely.

Rumor has it that a 3 way deal for Howard may include a S&T swap of Sessions for Lee, which would be pretty sweet, giving us a bench of Blake, Lee, Ebanks and Hill (hopefully).

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