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Default Re: Derrick williams

Calderon, jj and Ed for ridnour and Derrick Williams.

Lowry, Luke r.
Derozen, Ross
Williams, fields, kleiza
Bargs, Williams, kleiza
Val, Gray

If they amnestied Amir they'd have lots of room for playing time.

Lowry 32 Luke rid. 16
Derozen 32 Ross 16
Williams 14 fields 26 kleiza 8
Bargs 24 Williams 16 kleiza 8
Val 30 Bargs 10 gray 8

Raps might choose to start fields and play Williams as a 6th man off the bench, but I like the combo of Bargs and Williams together as they are both quite versatile and one would usually have a mismatch in the post.
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