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Default Re: Lebrons 45-15-5 game vs Celtics Game 6 (video)

Originally Posted by Ketchup
I honestly didn't hear anyone complain when they did the arbitrary numbers with Rondo's game.

As long as it isn't Lebron it's fine.

omg shut up, trying to always paint Lebron being a victim. I complained about Rondo as well. But no one gives a damn about his performance or Westbrooks, because they both resulted in losing efforts. But the point still stands. Arbitrary numbers, are arbitrary numbers are they not? Trying to make it seem out of this world godly b/c it's compared to Wilt, when there have been games like it.

I'm not taking anything away from his performance. Was it amazing? Yes. The best in a few years. But are the numbers arbitrary? Yes. I could easily say 30, 6, 9. Or 25+, 12, 4? Get the point?
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