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Default Re: Lakers now leading in Howard talks

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)

after all this shit, I don't want this wearing purple and gold.

F.uck that. Stick with Drew if he will resign. Honestly, we just need to add a few more pieces.

Sign and trade Ramon sessions for a first round pick. then trade that first rounder for MarShon Brooks who I think will BLOW UP AND HAVE a legit shot at being a great player in this league. Screw dwight. I really don;t want that drama on the lakers.

We have enough drama being in LA.

Trust me, lakers havent had a quality PG since magic. Give us nash and he is like a makeover, making our house worth much more than it was before. so what if he's old. Teams will be shaking in their boots trying to stop kobe being guarded 1 on 1. Nash will make pau and drew look like BEASTS.

Kobe will then be killing dudes 1 on 1.

Then add that he's going to be playmaked FOR? and save his energy? Kobe can finally take a breather. We can insert any plain 2 guard and Nash will make them look somewhat serviceable. Trust me man. We DO NOT need dwight. All we need is a few bench pieces and we'll be good. just gets worse, we don't need Diva Boy.....can you imagine what a headache he probably is behind the scenes too.
Bynum has issues but this guy is in another fking thanks, let Houston have him and let's move on.
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