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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

Originally Posted by Crown&Coke
if this question spoils anything for the others, just disregard. Im on like page 200 of book 2

Q: Who the heck has Ice (Eddark's longsword made of Valyrian steel) after the end of the first book? It sure as hell aint Ned. And Winterfell dont got it. Robb don't got it neither.

Thats been messing with me since the end of the first book. Did Martin say and I glossed over it? I hope some idiot don't got it. Like when the dude taking everyone to the Nights Watch took the gold cloaks longsword and gave it to some chump kid who never had a sword his whole damn life.

I don't wanna know who ends up with it after the whole thing, just who has it after Ned no longer had it. I love that sword, got a sick ass name and everything

Ice is in the possession of the guy who cut Ned's head off.
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