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Default Re: Asik is definitely gone....

Originally Posted by 1rkrage
People bitch that we don't do trades as much. Well how are you going to make trades if you don't have assets or competent replacements for the ones going out in trades??

24/3 is fair price for a 7'0+ center. see Hollinger's match point article. and His D is actually tops in isolated cases according to Synergy data.

what is not fair price is the structure of the contract, but I have faith that the F.O. will be creative in the event that they match. One thing to note is that Mirotic is going to be likely coming in that same season for about the MLE. So it might be easier on us if we decide to amnesty someone.
Hollinger and all his retarded numbers can suck a d*ck for all I care. Asik should not be paid this much money for a 3pt, 5rb season. It's just crazy. I don't care if he had D-Howard defense, he is too much of a liability on the offensive that, I mean a black hole.

If the Bulls sign him and trade him, that'd be fine with me. The thing is, I doubt that's the case. Not many teams will want to have Asik on the books making that much money over the next three years. The Bulls won't be able to get rid of him if they begged, unless it's to the Rockets who don't really have anything of interest really.

This will be very bad for the Bulls if they match this offer.

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