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Default Re: NFL Offseason Thread (stuff that doesn't deserve own thread)

I have mixed feelings on this one. Part of me thinks giving up a second round pick in the supplemental draft is ridiculous. Then, I remember that one of the Browns' greatest players of the last 30 years -- Bernie Kosar -- was attained through the supplemental draft. We gave up a first round pick for him and it ended up being an incredible decision.

If Gordon pans out, he wouldn't be the first WR to make waves through the supplemental draft (Cris Carter would take that honor).

Then, I also think about Terrelle Pryor being taken with a 3rd round pick last year, and I'd much rather have Gordon than Pryor.

Hey, if the front office is sold on this guy, as it appears they are, I'm all for it. They hosted him for several workouts and interviews. Also, I know that we were really keen on taking a WR early this past draft. Kendall Wright was pegged as the pick at 24, but he was taken two spots in front of us.

Then, we had Rueben Randle targeted early in the 3rd round and he went a few spots in front of us.

It was like we were just in the wrong spot in the draft to get the WRs that we really wanted.

There is no doubt that it was a HUGE need... Giving up a 2nd round pick is huge, though. I'm not completely against it, but he NEEDS to pan out.

Word is that he may start immediately... Which would be a sign that the front office truly believes in his talent. I honestly haven't watched him enough to give an informed opinion on his game... Just crossing my fingers.

One thing is for sure... the offense has been completely revamped.

We have sure-fire rookie starters at RB (Richardson), QB (Weeden) and RT (Schwartz)...

And possible rookie starters at WR (Josh Gordon, Travis Benjamin) and OG (Ryan Miller).

It isn't inconceivable that all those guys will be starting at some point this year. Having rookies at 6-of-11 spots on the offense would be quite a transformation.

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