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Default Re: NFL Offseason Thread (stuff that doesn't deserve own thread)

Originally Posted by Da KO King
The "character issues" is being played up. The guy failed two drug test. Wasn't a problem child, just liked the chronic. Since leaving Baylor he's completed a drug rehab program.

Injuries are damn near non-existent. His most severe injury has been a pulled quad/hammy. Considering Stephen Hill got drafted in the 2nd I don't see why people act as though this is a shock. Gordon is a far better WR than Hill is.

Way to downplay weed. Doesn't matter if its crack, acid or weed in the NFL, if either substance is found in your system that's one tick on your resume and you will soon be up for a suspension.

Bolded - Based on what?

Hill is bigger, way faster, jumps higher, more explosive. Gordon probably has better hands but that's not saying much as that's one of Hill's issues he must work on.

Gordon has nice physical attributes, but he's had one year of good
production, and that was two years ago.

Not seeing how Gordon is a way better prospect.
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