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Default Re: Asik is definitely gone....

All reports are indicating that we will match, but that could be a smoke screen. We'll find out soon enough.

There will be both positives and negatives to both bringing him back and letting him go.

I'd rather not bring him back. I'd rather work out a sign and trade and somehow get Kevin Martin and/or Courtney Lee.

But if we do match I could understand why the Bulls do it.
That third year at $15 million would be extremely difficult to manage especially with our big deals in Rose, Boozer, Noah and Deng all on the books.

It might have some value as an expiring contract, but we'd have to hope a deal would be out there that wouldn't require us to take back long term bad money either and that isn't a given either.

Maybe management and ownership feels like 3 years from now we'll be a contender or winning championships so it'll be worth it and then that year at year's end we'd have a lot of money coming off the books.

I just feel like it eliminates any flexibility we may or may not be able to get. Currently constructed I feel like we're not good enough to win and we won't have enough money or assets to make moves to get where we need to be, but I could see both sides of the argument.
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