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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Post your Goals for the Summer

Sometimes its good to see your goals written im going to Just post a couple of my main goals that i want to attain by summer end which will be hard cuz im juggling a Job and child... But anyways

Goal #1: Work on left hand dribble. I can dribble with both hands just fine. But i tend to always favor my right in-game. And i notice people are giving me left even though im left handed. Need to make people fear me going both sides.

Goal #2: Work on efficiency/communication- getting crispier with my passes not taking forced 3's along with communicating on and off the ball is something i really need to work on

Goal #3- 2 hand dunk. This more than likely won't happen this summer because i've noticed getting vert up takes a lot more time than you usually think it should. But i'm Going to start back up. My 4 day workout 2 days rest 1 jump training routine i usually do. So this means going hard in the gym with plyo's and deadlift and making the most of my limited time.

Post some of your basketball goals for summer 12'
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