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Default Re: Lakers now leading in Howard talks

Originally Posted by Robster89
I think Dwight to Houston is a done deal (and a good deal for the Magic).

We need to move on improving the bench:

1. I'd really like to see Jordan Hill resigned, and it looks that that is highly probable.

2. I think Antawn Jamison would be a nice scorer off the bench. I think we could use him at both the 3 and the 4 at times, giving him minutes and touches. He'd be a nice change up at the 4 from Pau and Hill, and also a nice change up at the 3 from Metta/Ebanks. I think he costs the MMLE

3. We need a shooter, probably a SG. I know Meeks has been talked about, and I know Mayo, Lee and Belinelli are still out there. I'd love Mayo or Lee, but pretty sure they are out of our price range, and unfortunately, we were unable to use Sessions in a S&T. I'm a little bummed to see Sessions go too, I wish we could have moved Blake and resigned Sessions, as I think we need scoring punch off the bench.
Maybe Glok and Odom-Johnson can win some minutes?
I think it's time to move on past Dwight, and make sure Bynum is happy.

Dwight to Houston is nowhere near done. I hope we get him.
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