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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
okay, good for you. you answered the second part of the question that i threw out there for people who had nothing interesting to say but who felt like saying "yes" or "no" anyway.

i guess the first part was just too confusing. that's too bad. that was the part where i asked for 'any opinion' on the matter. any interesting opinion on the matter would likely sketch out where JDS might be strong and where he might have a problem in pro boxing. etc, etc... i.e., any interesting insight of any kind.

if you need an analogy to help you understand, consider that part the essay question in HS or college where you actually try to represent your opinion on a matter. not that i was looking for anything deep-- just something mildly interesting would have been fine.
I need a good analogy to help me understand since i dont recall anything in high school or college that made me draw up my on opinion.It helps me that you wouldnt need a deep opinion because iam incapable of such thoughts.A mild response to your question would be perfect.Thank you.
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