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Originally Posted by 420puffer
Pacers are in a hole now. They should just trade Jermaine for some young guys and an expiring contract so they can rebuild. Pistons dont have it as bad as Pacers as some might be saying.

trade their only bonafide all-star and low post threat, huh? yeah right. as of right now, o'neal is their only ticket to a decent season cause anthony johnson can't carry the team on his back alone.

rebuilding a team is an easy way out and is a move made all too often now in the league. what does rebuilding say for the coaching staff? i believe a coach is there to make the most out of the team that he has and swapping players out every year is not the answer.

as for the peja deal, i really believe bird thought he would re-sign and play again. i wasn't too impressed with his game anyway so i say good riddance. 3pt shooters are a dime a dozen.

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