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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: Post your Goals for the Summer

My goal is to NOT GET INJURED. lol. Don't care bout Wins and Losses in pick up games. I'm just trying to have fun and not get hurt and come home unscathed.

Some guys get so physical and have no skills it pisses me off. Just goons.

I got a great jump shot now, got the most range in my gym, I can post up whenever I want to since I'm taller than most of the guys, and I guess my 1 on 1 defense could use some work but my team defense is great.

Right now I am working on a floater. I gassed out my last game and was scared n timid to shoot the mid range J because it was a tie game and all and I was afraid I would miss due to having no legs.

So I decided to work on a jump floater. I'm excited to try this in my next run.
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