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Default Re: Fields is a Raptor

Originally Posted by bluerap
I was a big fan of James Johnson last year.
The difference may be that Fields is willing to embrace the role.

Amazingly nobody knows what went down last year between jj and casey.

My suspicion is that JJ wasn't embracing the role Casey had for him (which he should have been grateful for, considering he couldn't get off the bench in chicago). I think if JJ was wiling to dedicate himself on the defensive end (that doesn't mean going for steals every time, which actually hurts the d) than he would be in a different position now. But NBA players often think they are better than they are and think that if they stuff their stats it will mean more $.

How is it amazing when nothing was revealed? All anyone knows is that JJ got in Casey's doghouse but remained professional and respectful about it, something that is quite a shocker in today's league. He was also our best perimeter defender last year by far so it seems unfair to criticize him about it when other players are getting away with far more in terms of defensive deficiencies.
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