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Default Re: Post your Goals for the Summer

Since I don't play for a real team these days, I've got weird goals perhaps based upon matters that could be deemed superficial:

1. I want to be able to complete a self-bounce-to-two-hand-reverse dunk with emphasis. I accidentally discovered I might be able to do this dunk while trying a routine one-hander. I can make the reverse, it's just not strong at this point. That'd really step up my vanilla dunking repertoire.

2. Again, this sounds ridiculous, but I actually decided to finally settle down and figure out the steps and motions to the Shammgod dribble maneuver. I want to fully incorporate that into my game. So far, I've been able to sneak it in at a couple of occasions pretty seamlessly. It didn't result in any ankle breakers or anything, but it worked as an elusive maneuver. Here's Danilo pulling it off in summer league:

3. Further off than the Shammgod, I've been working on the Kobe reverse pivot jumpshot after a pumpfake at the free throw line. In all honesty, throwing the ball off the backboard and making a layup after that sort of pivot almost feels more natural than shooting. Either way, I've yet to pull this pivot off in a game.

4. I'd also like to begin utilizing a left-to-right fallaway. I'm much more proficient falling away going from right to left, and my fallaway form greatly differs depending upon which direction I'm going. Therefore, I'd like to bring the other direction up to speed.
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