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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Originally Posted by Jasi
We signed him to an overly expensive contract considering what his role should have been in the future (in all scenarios that were possible at that time), and that's all that matters.

Why, that's exactly my point: we said "no" to building; we said "yes" to buying a roster for contending. I don't agree in principle to this strategy, but at this point I'm all for being consistent with it.

I never said anything about staying cheap or whatever
I misread your post so redacted my original statement and expounded on your intelligent words!
The Knicks FO are morons not for staying cheap but for buying every single player on the roster but dont want to pay the luxury tax. You can not do both and its so freakn obvious. I cant believe no on there has the foresight to come to this conclusion.
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